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July 7, 2013
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“[Name] [Name!]” Hearing your name echoing throughout your hive you look up from your husktop. Scanning the room, you search for the voice belonging to your matesprit of three sweeps.
“Signless?” Seeing the mutant troll come out from the kitchen tripping all over himself, you raise a brow.
“What is it?” Pushing aside your husktop, you watch your stumbling matesprit make his way towards you.
“I-I lurve you! *hic*” His words slurring together you let out a sigh. ‘Hes drunk...again.’ The funny thing about Signless, was he was such a light weight. The tiniest bit of alcohol hits him hard, and him being best friends with Psiioniic meant he would often get slipped some. But its not like you would get mad about it or anything. Signless was way too adorable drunk to get mad at.
“Signless...did you go drinking with Psii again?” Instantly freezing upon hearing his name, he takes a moment to think before a huge grin spreads across his face.
“Yep!” he says throwing himself on you. Unable to keep your balance you crash onto your (f/c) couch with his sprawled out across your lap.
“'re acting like a wriggler!” Ignoring your words he sits up, nuzzling his face into your neck.
“But I’m your wriggler right?” A smile helplessly pulling at your lips you pet his messy hair...well...messier than usual.

“Hey Signless?”
“I’ve been meaning to ask you...why do you wear leggings that high”
immediately jumping up he strikes a rather...suggestive pose.
“Cause I look so sexy in them!” Staring blankly, you remain silent for some time until he looks directly at you.
“...R-right name?” His eyes noticeably getting larger. Like some sort of pawbeast ((puppy dog eyes)), you laugh.
“Yes Signless so sexy” Looking accomplished he stands, turns, and struts away to his room head held high.
Letting out a long sigh you reach for your husktop and continue typing away...

~10 minutes later~

“...Signless...what are you doing?” Laying on the floor wrapped in his cloak you find your drunk matesprit attempting to crawl to you like a grub.
“...Help” Looking down at him, yet another question invades your mind.
“ exactly did you do this?!” Waiting for his response, you notice...hes wasn’t even paying attention. No, he was too preoccupied with the dust bunny on the floor in front of him.



“ACK!” accidentally inhaling the piece of dust, he begins thrashing around.
“*COUGH COUGH* [Name]! [Name]!...Help~ me~...”

Sighing...again you walk over to his pathetic form, grabbing the end of the fabric and pulling. Looking over your shoulder you see him happily rolling the opposite way.
After fully unraveling your matesprit you stare at him.
Silence filling the room you finally speak up.
“Yeth name?” He replies with another grin on his face. ‘Oh gog hes starting to sound like Psii...’
“Why are you naked?” Looking at you with a rather...confused look, he glances down before answering.
“Manly men don’t need clothes!”  Facepalming you bend down, throwing his cloak over his bare body when he suddenly reaches up, grabbing your wrist and pulling you down.
Si-Signle-?! Smashing his lips against yours he rolls on top of you. Staring blankly, you debate whether or not to kiss him back...of course you do! But right as you go to do so he pulls away. Beginning his attack your neck, nipping and sucking the different sections.
Twining your fingers into his thick raven black hair you feel his kisses come to a slowing pace until ... he stops, resting on your collar bone.
After a few moments of still and awkward silence you finally regain your voice.
No response
“” shouldn't drink chocolate milk and write stories
note: I made this in like...15 minutes...please don't expect it to be good
:iconthe-signless: belongs to :iconhussieplz:
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“Manly men don’t need clothes!”
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gypsygodess Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
omg! Signless is such an adorable little drunk! XD
ilovegamtav Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
Lmfao this is hilarious CX XD X33
kittanzyroh Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
I luv this. And you profile pic. OMG! I found another gamtav fan! Yeay!!!
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